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Environmental allergens

Many people are allergic to substances or particles in the environment. These allergens which trigger a variety of reactions ranging from mild to severe are often difficult to avoid and control. People may respond to environmental allergens by sneezing or scratching, they could have watery itchy eyes or their eczema may flare. Others may develop a runny nose and need to clear their throat of mucous whilst some allergens can trigger asthma symptoms in susceptible people.

Allergens in the environment include mould, plants(pollens), animals( saliva, pet hair and dander), cockroaches and house dust mite, naming just a few. Smoke and other irritants such as exhaust and strong chemical smells can also trigger allergic reactions. It is important to be properly diagnosed by a doctor so you can then do your best to avoid or reduce exposure to the trigger allergen. Allergic disease is very much about management as for the majority, it cannot be cured. Some people can be desensitised to some allergens including a variety of pollens and dust mite. Discuss desensitisation with your general practitioner who may then refer you to an allergist/immunologist.

How to Minimise Indoor & Outdoor Allergens

Click on the link below for ideas on how to possibly reduce exposure to environmental allergens

pdfMinimising Indoor Allergens at Home1.95 MB

Minimising Indoor Allergens at Home

Minimising Outdoor Allergens at Home

Content updated January 2017


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