Preparing for Camp with Food Allergies

Thoroughly researched and written by Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia, our much loved ‘Preparing for Camp with Food Allergies’ has been transformed into an e-book, freely available for all to use!

The book is a guide for parents, schools and camps.

It is divided into three comprehensive sections packed with concise and easy-to-understand information on how you can manage food allergy in a camp setting.

The e-book contents were previously reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board so it is packed with information you can trust.

Download here: pdfPreparing for Camp with Food Allergies4.95 MB

Topics covered in the booklet include:

  • Effective communication with students, parents, school and camp facility staff, including camp chef

  • Food preparation, service and storage

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Preparation of medical kits

  • Parent responsibilities, school responsibilities and camp responsibilities

  • The booklet also includes a section on camp and management of those with insect sting allergy

Preparing for Camp with Food Allergies cover Preparing for Camp with Food Allergies contents

A&AA continues to work with the Australian Camps Association to make camps inclusive for all who live with allergic disease and the risk of anaphylaxis. The work we do together focuses on sharing knowledge about the management of allergy and the risk of anaphylaxis in the camp setting to increase safety for all.  To find out more about the Australian Camps Association please visit their website

Content updated January 2023

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If you are having an allergic reaction follow advice on your ASCIA Action Plan.

If in doubt, give the Anapen® or EpiPen®.

Do not call us for emergency advice.

If you do not have an ASCIA Action Plan and/or an Anapen® or EpiPen® call triple zero (000) for an ambulance.