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Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia will be hosting several events for this year’s Food Allergy Week.

Online Events

Panel discussions on eating out with a food allergy

We are hosting two online panel discussions during Food Allergy Week. Each session will include a short presentation by our trained Allergy Educators with useful resources and strategies to help reduce the risk of an allergic reaction when eating out, followed by a live question and answer session where you can have your general questions about eating out answered by our trained Allergy Educators. Please note individual medical advice cannot be given.

Registration is essential as the number of attendees will be CAPPED.

Please register for the FREE panel discussion you would like to attend – both panels will be hosted online on Zoom.

Panel 1 - Monday 27 May at 1:00pm AEST

Panel 2 - Tuesday 28 May at 7:30pm AEST


As part of our commitment to raising awareness of allergy management, as well as educating those living with allergic disease in regional communities, we are coming to Toowoomba in June!

Whether you are an industry partner, health professional, Food Tech student, parent/carer of someone with allergies or living with allergies yourself, we have an event for you.

For details of events happening in Toowoomba from 5-6th June