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Benefits for Members

Are you serious about having access to up to date, unbiased information?

Learn how to be careful and not fearful, the risk of anaphylaxis can be managed.

What about having a voice, being part of a group that can understand what you have to do to adapt your life, and not just for today but for the future.

Do you want to improve quality of life for those you care about?

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Do you live your life with allergy?

A&AA is Australia’s only, not for profit patient support organisation for those managing severe allergy and anaphylaxis.

Some 20 years ago, a group of Sydney parents of food allergic children formed our organisation. This group came together to share information and to advance the well being of those living and managing severe allergy.

Today A&AA is the largest and most active organisation serving the allergic community. We are where we are today because of those founding parents and the many others who have joined along the way. Their foresight, their phenomenal passion and commitment has ensured that our organisation remains so strong.

A&AA continues to make a huge contribution to supporting those of us who by no choice of our own, belong to a group of one of the world's most rapidly increasing allergic diseases. We are a membership based organisation, and your membership comes with privileges. Misinformation and sensationalism is rife in our world that is driven by money, media and social networking.

A&AA is committed to being independent, to providing science based researched information and to always remain investigative on behalf of those managing severe allergy.

A&AA members are the driving force behind significant advancements and improvements to the allergic individual’s quality of life across the country.

Since we started out, our members have not wavered in their determination to end discrimination, poor understanding of severe allergy and increase awareness of this life changing diagnosis.

A&AA members continue to be the catalyst through our input into national and community-based programs to address the needs of those living and managing anaphylaxis.

By becoming a member of Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA):

  • Regular electronic newsletters including:
    • current information
    • news on new resources
    • changes to food products
    • latest on research
    • where to get specific support
    • guidelines
    • policies
    • travel information
  • Support
  • Emails about:
    • Food recalls
    • Upcoming information days / seminars / webinars
    • Support group meetings
    • Fundraising days
  • Coming soon! Online forum for members to discuss issues of importance that help to improve quality of life.

Health Professional, Childcare centre/School

Why do schools and childcare centres take up membership?

With the increase in prevalence of food allergy to 1 in 10 infant children, many schools are finding that they often have more than one child/student/staff member at risk of anaphylaxis in attendance. Membership allows you and your staff to become aware of current allergy management issues and concerns. We provide access to a wider range of risk minimisation and management strategies. Access to our information can help answer tricky questions. Members can also discuss scenarios that may arise from time to time. Benefit from A&AA’s unique position and knowledge gained from being the only national representative that has assisted all states and territories in the development of school guidelines to manage severe allergic reactions. Being a member means your staff will find it easier to keep food allergy at the forefront of planning classroom activities, excursions and school camps and help educate the wider school community.

Join the many schools that activate our Be a M.A.T.E program - Make Allergy Treatment Easier and help educate the whole school community.

Content updated February 2017


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