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All About Allergens Training for Hospitals

On September 24th, Minister for Health, the Honourable Greg Hunt MP launched the National Allergy Strategy’s “All about Allergens for Hospitals” online training courses via Zoom. You can watch the launch from the National Allergy Strategy website. The free “All about Allergens for Hospitals” training provides practical information about managing food allergens in the kitchen and ensuring the right meal goes to the right patient on the ward.

The training is aimed at all staff involved in the food service chain in a hospital. This includes kitchen managers, kitchen staff, ward managers, dietitians, nurses and other ward staff as they all play an important role in keeping patients with food allergy safe when they are in hospital.

We would also like to thank parent Megan Cooper for telling her story, and the parents of 13-year-old Louis Tate who tragically died in Frankston Hospital in Victoria in 2015 after eating a spoonful of breakfast. It is real stores like Louis' and Megan's that drive us to do what we do to progress changes that will have real impacts in people's lives.