ASCIA Action Plans

ASCIA Action Plans

Did you know that ASCIA has lots of different Action Plans? They are not just for anaphylaxis.

The green ASCIA Action Plan for Allergic Reactions has been developed for children or adults with a confirmed allergy to foods or insects, who have not been prescribed an adrenaline injector because they are considered to be at low risk of anaphylaxis. ‘Low risk’ does not mean ‘no risk’, so information about what to do if anaphylaxis does occur is included in this Action Plan. 

The dark green ASCIA Action Plan for drug (medication) allergy has been developed for children or adults with a confirmed allergy to drugs (medications). Adrenaline injectors are not usually prescribed for people with a drug allergy. This is because it is usually relatively easy to avoid having a drug that you know you are allergic to, unlike avoiding a food or an insect that you are allergic to.

Allergies to foods, insects or drugs all have the potential to result in anaphylaxis, and the 2 green ASCIA Action Plans provide guidance on how to manage anaphylaxis if it occurs. 

ASCIA Action Plans are not required for people with an allergy to environmental inhalants or contact allergens such as grass pollen, dust mite, or mould, which results in allergic rhinitis (hay fever). While allergic rhinitis and eczema can greatly impact quality of life and cause uncomfortable or distressing symptoms, they are not potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, so an ASCIA Action Plan is not required. People with allergic rhinitis can be given an ASCIA Treatment Plan for Allergic Rhinitis for personal or home use. People with eczema can be given an ASCIA Action Plan for Eczema for personal or home use.

You can read more on the ASCIA website about ASCIA Action Plans and how they are used.

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