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Back to school

School kids

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia has lots of back-to-school resources to help you and your child settle into the new year.  There are resources such as a FREE school camp e-book, advice on how to approach food technology classes, and the Best Practice Guidelines for anaphylaxis prevention and management in schools. You can use these resources to know what is reasonable to expect of your child's school when managing their allergies.

School Camp e-book 

Do you have a child excitedly waiting to attend school camp this year? Download a copy of our FREE e-book, "Preparing for camp with food allergies", today!  

The e-book is divided into 3 comprehensive sections – for parents, schools and camps – and packed with concise and easy-to-understand information on how you can manage food allergy in a camp setting.   

Share this e-book with your school and the camp facility!  

Best Practice Guidelines 

Have you spoken to your child’s school or childcare about the Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) for anaphylaxis prevention and management?

Launched in 2021 by the National Allergy Strategy, the guidelines aim to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis in children’s education and care services (CEC) and schools while supporting students’ participation in the full range of activities. We encourage parents to be familiar with the Best Practice Guidelines so you know what is reasonable to expect in schools and CECs.

You may wish to speak with your school or CEC service about what policies, procedures and training they have in place for anaphylaxis prevention and management. The Best Practice Guidelines provide resources for schools and CECs to make it easier to implement the guidelines.

For resources to help you safely manage your child’s journey through CECs and school, visit  

Food technology classes 

If you have a child in high school, you will know about food technology and hospitality classes. 

While the idea of food technology may be daunting for teens with food allergy and their parents, it’s important that students with food allergy learn to prepare food for themselves and others.

Management of food allergy within food technology classes is a shared responsibility. Pre-planning discussions between the school, parents and students are essential so appropriate risk management strategies can be put in place: