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Checking for unexpected allergens

Woman reading label on a jar of food

A&AA has recently been made aware of a coconut milk powder and a tooth mousse that both contain cow’s milk (dairy) protein. These products are correctly labelled with milk protein listed in the ingredients. The coconut milk powder also has the statement ‘This product contains dairy’.

The tooth mousse has a statement indicating it contains an ingredient made from milk, as well as soy products, and that it is not suitable for people with these allergies.

It is worth remembering the three-step check. This involves reading the label at the shops when you are purchasing a product, reading it again when you unpack your groceries, and then again before you use the product. Though time consuming, these checks can help you to be confident that you are using a product that doesn’t contain your allergen.

Copy of Ayam Coconut Milk Powder

Copy of Tooth Mousse