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New Food Allergen Cards!

We are excited to launch our newly revised and updated Food Allergen Cards. The A&AA Food Allergen Cards outline important information on each of the food allergens that must be identified on food products sold in Australia (no matter what the amount).

The cards give alternative names for food allergens and remind consumers of possible foods and ingredients in which the allergens might be found. The Food Allergen Cards cover common allergens, including milk (dairy); egg; peanut; tree nut; sesame; wheat; soy; lupin; fish; crustacean and mollusc. There is also a mammalian meat allergy (from tick bite) card.

The Food Allergen Cards are ideal to take grocery shopping and to refer to during food purchases, food preparation and when eating out. The wallet-sized cards are designed to fit easily into a purse, wallet or handbag. An A4 page version of each card is also available for easy viewing on mobile devices and by those in food service or other environments where quick reference while reading labels and cooking is helpful. For those who prefer their Food Allergen Cards professionally printed, you can order and purchase these from the A&AA online shop.

People who are very familiar with the cards will notice that we no longer have a shellfish card. This card has been replaced with a mollusc card and a crustacean card. This change is in line with the new Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) legislation which will be mandatory by 2026. The new legislation requires labelling of mollusc and crustacean ingredients separately.

We are pleased with the redesign and content update and hope that you find them useful.

New Food Allergen Cards from Allergy Anaphylaxis Australia AAA