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Spring means hay fever

Spring has sprung, and for some people that means their allergic rhinitis (hay fever) gets worse. Seeing a doctor about your allergic rhinitis is important.

With a management plan in place, you can minimise symptoms to make spring easier to deal with. ASCIA has a treatment plan for allergic rhinitis that you can ask your doctor to complete for you. The plan outlines how you can minimise exposure to your allergen, use the right medications and consider immunotherapy to help with reducing symptoms in the future.

Many people with allergic rhinitis are prescribed a nasal spray. It is important to know how to use the nasal spray so that it works properly. This A&AA webpage has a video that helps to explain hay fever and the treatments available, including allergen immunotherapy. The video also shows how to correctly use a nasal spray.

If you are interested in learning more about allergic rhinitis and immunotherapy you might like to watch this webinar that Professor Connie Katelaris AM presented for A&AA.