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Undeclared Gluten: 8th February 2017

Maree Wilkinson Pancake Mix Cake Mix and Granola 2017Reason for Recall: Undeclared gluten

Recall Detection:  Company testing
Food Description: Cake mix, pancake mix and granola
Product Name:

  1. Maree Wilkinson – Vanilla Pancake Mix
  2. Maree Wilkinson – Chocolate Cake Mix
  3. Maree Wilkinson – Raspberry Cacao Granola

Package Description:  

Maree Wilkinson – Vanilla Pancake Mix , 250g, plastic stand up pouch

Maree Wilkinson – Chocolate Cake Mix, 580g, plastic stand up pouch

Maree Wilkinson – Raspberry Cacao Granola, 500g, plastic stand up pouch

Best Before Dates:  29/4/18, 2/5/18, 14/5/18, 1/6/18, 2/6/18, 4/7/18, 6/7/18, 17/7/18, 20/7/18
Batch Identification/APN:   026131016, 876011216, 026021216, 026040117, 724060117, 724170117, 026200117, 876200117, 026141216, 876060117, 876011216.

0797776067084, 0797776067091, 0797776067060
Country of Origin:  Australia
Company Information:  Cape Wholefoods
Affected states and territories:  WA
Public Contact: 0404 377 900



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