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Wheat Alert - 8th March 2017

Food babies love BrandReason for Recall: The presence of an undeclared allergen (wheat)
Recall Detection: The recall is the result of routine testing by the company
Food Description: Baby food

Product Name: Food Babies Love brand:

  • Greek Lamb Casserole

  • Baby Bolognaise

  • Fish Pie

Package Description: Plastic Container with outer sleeve, 200g
Use By Date:

  • Greek Lamb Casserole UB 29/03/17;

  • Baby Bolognaise UB 29/03/17;

  • Fish Pie UB 29/03/17

Batch Identification:

  • Greek Lamb Casserole – BN 13909;

  • Baby Bolognaise – BN 13911;

  • Fish Pie BN 13910


  • Greek Lamb Casserole – 9350607000028;

  • Baby Bolognaise - 9350607000035;

  • Fish Pie - 9350607000059

Country of Origin: NSW, Australia
Manufacturer Name: Garratt’s Catering
Company Information: Food Babies Love
Affected states and territories: NSW, VIC, SA through IGAs and other independent supermarkets, and online (Vic only).
Public Contact: 03 9851 6126


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