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A message from Kellogg's about their new product Crunchy Nut® Corn Flakes Cashew

Crunchy Nut® Corn Flakes CashewNEW Kellogg’s CRUNCHY NUT CORN FLAKES CASHEW Breakfast Cereal update January 2024

Kellogg has recently launched a new LIMITED EDITION ALDI exclusive product - Crunchy Nut® Corn Flakes Cashew.

New Crunchy Nut® Corn Flakes Cashew contains CASHEW and PEANUT plus GLUTEN as allergens. Other tree nuts and wheat is also included in the precautionary allergen labelling statement.

Look out for the pack with the Red CASHEW call out on the front.

Please always check the allergen and ingredient information on the product every time. Specific allergens present, as well as possible cross contact allergens are detailed on the back of pack.

We appreciate hearing from our customers. Should you have any further questions about these products please contact our Consumer Services team.

This communication is sponsored by Kellanova