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Allergen Update - 7-Eleven In Store Self-Serve Bakery Cabinet - 18 June 2024

7-Eleven Australia has asked us to communicate the introduction of separate shelving inside self-serve bakery cabinets dedicated to products that CONTAIN TREE NUTS.

The following steps have been taken at store level to communicate the allergen change to customers:

  • The introduction of red trays and red tongs to a separate section of the bakery cabinet. The colour red is to alert customers to products that CONTAIN TREE NUTS.

Label Alert 7 Eleven Bakery June 2024 cabinet

 Ingredients & Allergens advice and Allergen Alert stickers are displayed on the doors of self-serve cabinets. NUT ONLY – WASH SEPERATELY stickers have been attached to red trays and red tongs.

Label Alert 7 Eleven Bakery June 2024 stickers

 As of June 2024, 7-Eleven stores will begin baking and selling two unpackaged Danish pastries which include an ALMOND paste:

  • Apple Almond Danish
  • Blueberry Almond Danish

  Label Alert 7 Eleven Bakery June 2024 danish

Any future new products CONTAINING TREE NUTS launched in store will use the same red equipment protocols for easy identification. To minimise cross contamination, all products containing tree nuts will also be separated from other products.

If you have questions regarding this allergen update, please contact the 7-Eleven customer service team on 1800 247 711 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia reminder: ALWAYS ask about ingredient content of food without a label. For packaged food, even if you have eaten it before, read the ingredients and any allergen statements every time. If you buy more than one of the same packaged food, check allergen information on each pack.

This communication is sponsored by 7-Eleven.