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Mollusc (squid), Milk and Soy Alert –  27 May 2022


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Mollusc (squid), Milk and Soy Alert – 27 May 2022

Product description: Prawn crackers

Product name: Hanami Toasted Prawn Cracker - Original

Reason for recall: The presence of undeclared the presence of an undeclared allergens (molluscs [squid], milk and soy)

Recall detection: The recall is the result of recalls of the products in other  countries

PLEASE NOTE: This recall was updated by Food Standards Australia New Zealand on 28 and 30 May 2022 to include Western Australian and South Australian distribution, and other distributors in a variety of states. Please see the link below for details.

For more information go to: Hanami Prawn Crackers