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Peanut Alert - 8 April 2020

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) has been asked to share important information from ALDI Stores.

ALDI Stores would like to advise A&AA members that the Knoppers product has undergone a change in formulation and now contains peanuts. The product previously only had a “may contain” statement for peanuts.

As both products may be available on shelf in ALDI stores whilst we run out stock and change over to the new formulation over the next few weeks, it will be important that consumers with food allergy take the time to review the specific packaging and statements on ALL packs they are purchasing and consuming. Until current stock without peanut has been soldout, some Knoppers stock will contain peanut and some stock will not.

2020 Knoppers Old Formulation

2020 Knoppers NEW Formulation


The two packs can also be distinguished by a flash on the new packaging that states “New Allergen Information, see Ingredients” above the pack weight statement. ALDI Stores will also be adding the following card in store adjacent to where the new formulation will be available.

2020 Knoppers product now contains peanuts

Kevin Byron

QA Manager – Food – ALDI Stores

AAA Memo Knoppers April 2020