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PACKAGING UPDATE - SunRice microwave cups may contain alert - Egg

PACKAGING UPDATE from Sunrice - May contain egg statement on microwave rice cups

Sunrice products

A message from SunRice:

A change in our manufacturing process has meant the inclusion of a “May Contain: Egg” statement on our non-flavoured rice varieties including:

250g pack (1x125g) Microwave Brown Rice CUP
250g pack (1x125g) Microwave Basmati Rice CUP
250g pack (1x125g) Microwave Rice & Quinoa Rice CUP

Initially the statement will be ink jetted on pack, on the lid and on the outer pack as per below visual.

However, we will move to have the “May Contain: Egg” statement to appear under the ingredient list as soon as practical.

Sunrice packaging cardboard and rice cup

This change only relates to SunRice Microwave Cups. SunRice Microwave Pouches are not affected.

Should you have any queries, please contact the SunRice Consumer Inquiry Centre online via the Feedback Form or call 1800 255 999 (Aus.) or 0800 114 760 (NZ), 9am – 5pm AEST, Monday – Friday.