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ORGRAN's Vegan Easy Egg

Vegan Easy Egg

What if we told you that you can still enjoy a delicious and fluffy scramble, a veggie-packed frittata, loaded omelette or creamy quiche? With ORGRAN’s recently launched Vegan Easy Egg™, you’ll be able to enjoy the foods you love without compromising your health or diet.

As a nutritious and versatile vegetable based egg-free alternative, Vegan Easy Egg™ comes in a convenient, shelf-safe powdered form and is equal to 15 eggs per pack! With 7.5 grams of protein per serve, this combination of chickpea flour and vegetable protein removes the heart-clogging cholesterol from your diet, while retaining the gluten and allergen free promise of the entire ORGRAN range.

Recently launched and already high in demand, ORGRAN’s Vegan Easy Egg™ has drummed up a lot of buzz in the online community; with queries, questions and recipe suggestions hitting us left, right and centre!

Here at ORGRAN, we have long been providing egg alternatives for baking with our No Egg™ Egg Replacer, but sometimes you can’t throw off that nagging desire for a classic savoury brunch, eggs included.

Vegan Easy Egg

The ORGRAN range has long been free of any animal derivatives, and our latest product is set to revolutionise not only the vegan breakfast or brunch, but also those who need or wish to avoid soy and egg. Tofu scramble, quiche and frittata are a thing of the past, and not nearly as close to the real deal as the Vegan Easy Egg™ is.

As a leading manufacturer of product innovation and versatility, rest assured that ORGRAN’s Vegan Easy Egg™ outperforms any other competitor in terms of value, quality, taste and nutrition. For added peace of mind, all ORGRAN products are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, yeast, nuts, GMO and are also vegan.

Grab yourself a box and give it a go – the Vegan Easy Egg™ is now available at independent supermarkets and health food stores.


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