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Christmas Appeal: Help mums like Rosie access our free helpline

2023 Christmas appeal Rosie and HarryOne of the many recent calls to our helpline was from Rosie*, mum to 8-year-old Harry who lives with an egg allergy.

Harry had recently experienced his third allergic reaction in 18 months, and Rosie was feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Like many parents, she felt isolated as she didn’t know other families who had children with food allergies. Rosie was also experiencing feelings of guilt at not being able to protect her child.

I am so thankful we are able to provide our free helpline for people like Rosie to access when they need it most. Please consider a donation today to help us continue this vital service.

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As many of us know from personal experience, living with or caring for someone with allergic disease can cause a psychological burden, and feelings of anxiety and helplessness are very common.

Rosie shared with us how in addition to managing her own worries, her son Harry was starting to feel anxious about his food allergy as well. During his most recent reaction, Harry had not wanted to speak up when he first felt tingling in his mouth – as his anxiety had caused him to doubt his own symptoms.

Thankfully, our trained allergy educator was able to provide Rosie with practical, evidence-based resources and tools to help with the day-to-day management of Harry’s food allergy.

These tools are so important to help with minimising the risk of an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, whilst ensuring that kids like Harry aren’t missing out on living the full life they deserve.

In addition to practical information, Rosie was also able to access the emotional support she needed from speaking with our allergy educator. She was provided with guidance and options on how to access the psychological and social support both Rosie and Harry needed.

In the last year, our team helped 1,462 people like Rosie – and this service is only made possible thanks to the generous support of our community.

As Christmas approaches, please consider making a gift today to help us continue our free helpline and support service for families like Rosie and Harry.

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”Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia is an amazing organisation. We have benefited from both their advocacy and support. Navigating food allergy can be a lonely and overwhelming experience. I am so grateful to have been able to speak to an educator who acknowledged my experience and directed me to helpful resources.” Rosie.

2023 Christmas appeal Rosie and Harry

*Rosie and Harry’s name and image have been changed to protect privacy.

Contentcreated December 2023


If you are having an allergic reaction follow advice on your ASCIA Action Plan.

If in doubt, give the Anapen® or EpiPen®.

Do not call us for emergency advice.

If you do not have an ASCIA Action Plan and/or an Anapen® or EpiPen® call triple zero (000) for an ambulance.