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Please Note:  You are welcome to print and use any of these free downloadable resources. As we periodically review and update the content of our resources, we ask that you print up helpful resources as you need them rather than print and store for years at a time. We work closely with other peak organisations and aim to align our messaging in an effort to  decrease confusion related to  allergy management throughout Australia.

Tips for printing: Printers have different dialogs and settings for Scaling, Page Orientation, Margins etc. When you select 'Print',  a dialog should appear with options and preferences for printing. Your printer should have settings for print scale, margins and page orientation (Landscape or Portrait). Always select 'Print Preview' so you can see how the document will appear on the page, if needed select ' Scale to fit' in some instances you may also need to change the page orientation.

pdfDo you live your life with allergy?3.43 MB

pdfASCIA 5 Things375.33 KB

pdfLessons from an Emergency595.84 KB

pdfAge of Self Administration Discussion Guide624.01 KB

docxSample Letter to MP as a word document17.4 KB

pdfSample letter to MP as a PDF48.13 KB

pdfPractice using your EpiPen145.94 KB

pdfReporting A Reaction - Flowchart144.65 KB

pdfHospital Stays Help sheet535.57 KB


Knowledge for life


Newly diagnosed

Being diagnosed with a potentially severe allergy is scary. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – help and support is available.

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia is a national support group for people caring for or at risk of anaphylaxis. Learn more...

Spotlight on...

Don’t miss out on life because you have an allergy. With some forward planning and good communication, you can participate in almost anything you desire.

Check out our Life stages section for more specific information.

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