Jeremy’s Children Book series

Jeremy's Cake

jeremy s cake 150

Jeremy, the wallaby has a life threatening allergy to egg and nuts. He also has hay fever and asthma.
He lives in a rocky outcrop near the billabong with his mum and dad.
His friends are Bruno the kangaroo, Tam the bilby and Edward the wombat.

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Jeremy's Cake App

Jeremy's Cake AppThe book is also available as an App (Android only). It is s a fun interactive storybook and is designed to help parents talk with pre-schoolers about food allergies in age appropriate ways and share how, with a few simple strategies in place, children can learn to have fun with their friends and stay safe at the same time.

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Jeremy's Magic School Day

jeremy s first camp 150

Jeremy bounced into school just as the bell rang. He was so excited. The teachers had organised a magician to visit the school.
Jeremy loved magic and he couldn't wait to see the show.

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Jeremy’s First School Camp

jeremy s first camp 150

Jeremy the wallaby is going on his first school camp with his friends. Everyone is excited but when Jeremy learns that he has to make special arrangements because of his food allergies he isn’t happy at all.
Will he still be able to have fun on the camp?
What will Jeremy do when he finds himself stuck in a tent with Walter who is eating chocolate that has nuts in it?
What will Miss Hoot say?

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