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Help Sheets

A&AA has developed these help sheets to assist with managing the risk of anaphylaxis that arise in day to day living with severe allergies.

pdf5 Things you should know about food allergies643.73 KB

pdfAdrenaline and Temperature Control121.17 KB

pdfAir Travel624.01 KB

pdfAirline Top 10129.53 KB

pdfAllergic Conjunctivitis148.99 KB

pdfAllergic Rhinitis507.61 KB

pdfAtopic Dermatitis (Eczema)216.44 KB

pdfBites and Stings198.14 KB

pdfCalling a Manufacturer195.16 KB

pdfCamp Checklist1.05 MB

pdfChecklist for Daily Management504.58 KB

pdfChecklist for Travel Insurance517.93 KB 

pdfCompare the difference1.73 MB 

pdfCruising with food allergy548.41 KB

pdfEating Out1.17 MB

pdfFood Allergy Basics for Food Service Staff504.12 KB

pdfFood Allergy Basics515.71 KB

pdfFood Bans586.84 KB

pdfFood Intolerance190.55 KB

pdfHospital Stays160.81 KB

pdfHospital checklist518.09 KB

pdfHives and Welts (Urticaria)221.29 KB

pdfIntolerances190.55 KB

pdfJack Jumper Ant1.43 MB

pdfLatex921.03 KB

pdfManaging Anaphylaxis665.38 KB

pdfMedication Placement at School534.48 KB

pdfPackaged Products701.34 KB

pdfSupport Group675.81 KB

pdfTicks1.23 MB

pdfTop Entertaining Tips513.97 KB

pdfTravel Info624.01 KB 

pdfTrying to make sense of care versus extreme anxiety891.24 KB

pdfWhat is Anaphylaxis692.06 KB

School Resource Help Sheets

pdfIf food bans don't work, what does?586.84 KB

pdfWhat is Anaphylaxis?692.06 KB

pdfFood Allergy Basics515.71 KB

pdfSchool Correspondence1.05 MB

pdfParent 10 - point Plan for School520.68 KB

pdfChecklist for Daily Management for Food Allergies504.58 KB

pdfFood Tech684.87 KB

pdfBe a MATE program952.54 KB

pdfBe a MATE discussion guide5.08 MB 

pdfCamp Allergy Management Checklist 1.05 MB

pdfChickens in the classroom251 KB

pdfMedication placement at school534.48 KB

pdfReport a Reaction Flow Chart579.32 KB 

Content updated January 2017



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Newly diagnosed

Being diagnosed with a potentially severe allergy is scary. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – help and support is available.

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia is a national support group for people caring for or at risk of anaphylaxis. Learn more...

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Don’t miss out on life because you have an allergy. With some forward planning and good communication, you can participate in almost anything you desire.

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