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Revolutionary peanut allergy treatment

Australian biotechnology company Aravax has commenced clinical trials of a potentially life-changing product developed to treat sufferers of peanut allergy.

Aravax’s technology uses carefully selected fragments of peanut proteins to switch off allergic reactions. The product is designed to be safer, more rapid, and more convenient than other approaches currently under development. Aravax anticipates that simple, monthly injections will be sufficient to achieve clinical benefit.

Pascal Hickey, CEO of Aravax, said, “We want to help people around the world who suffer from peanut allergy to live stress-free lives without constantly fearing a major health event from accidental consumption. Our technology aims to alleviate that stress by reprogramming the immune system to tolerate peanuts. By creating a safe, convenient and fast solution to a very serious problem we believe our product will have a global health impact by transforming the lives of patients and their carers.“

For all the details see the full media release here : pdfAravax media release 16 May 201794.23 KB


Cotnet updated 23 May 2017


If you are having an allergic reaction follow advice on your ASCIA Action Plan.

If in doubt, give the Anapen® or EpiPen®.

Do not call us for emergency advice.

If you do not have an ASCIA Action Plan and/or an Anapen® or EpiPen® call triple zero (000) for an ambulance.