Adults with EoE Webinar

Adults with EoE

This information session is to assist adults with EoE. Listen to experts and hear your questions answered.

Eosinophilic Oesophagitis (EoE) is an allergic condition affecting the oesophagus, the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. In EoE, allergy cells (called eosinophils) cause the lining of the oesophagus to become inflamed and swollen. EoE is estimated to affect around 1 in 1000 people (children and adults) and appears to be becoming more common.

Prof Pete Smith, Dr Hamish Philpott and Amanda Jackson - share information and answer questions to help adults understand and manage their EoE.

Webinar recorded: 17 August 2021

Adults with EoE Webinar - Full webinar

Is EoE likely to lead to cancer of the oesophagus?

How long is the elimination diet from start to biopsy?

Is EoE often associated with food allergies that progress from mild reactions to anaphylaxis?

When re-introducing gluten, would you split wheat barley, rye or just do the three gluten foods together?

Do we know why EoE can impact mental health and depression?

Are there any recommended treatment methods for regular dilation of ongoing strictures aside from finding the primary cause of treatment methods to reduce eosinophils?

Is it possible to grow out of EoE?

Can identified trigger foods change over time in a person who is diagnosed as an adult?

If someone, it’s been decided that they say dairy and wheat are their triggers, and they’re supposed to be on an elimination die, how strict do they have to be? Can they eat a food like just a tiny bit? Or is its complete avoidance? And what if there’s precautionary labelling on the food? Is that ok?

How do you improve bone density when you have EoE and you’re needing to avoid, I’m presuming milk, calcium, how do you improve that?


Prof Pete Smith

Dr Pete SmithProf Pete Smith is Professor in Clinical Medicine at Griffith University and Professor in Allergy at Observational and Pragmatic Research Institute (OPC) Singapore. He does research in mucosal immunology and neuroimmunology at Griffith University as a clinical lead in both teams. He is on national and international advisory boards and the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) task force for food allergies. He is on the AusEE (support organisation for people with EoE) advisory board. He also works in private practice in Southport Qld and is director of Allergy Medical in Brisbane. 

Dr Hamish Philpott

DDr Hamish Philpottr Hamish Philpott is an adult gastroenterologist and researcher who completed a PhD at Monash University related to eosinophilic esophagitis, and subsequently undertook postdoctoral research in this area, and continues to be actively involved in the field, from his base in Northern Adelaide Local Health Network in South Australia. Dr Philpott has more than 60 research publications, most of which relate to eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease and enjoys both clinical work with his patients in private and public practice, and the challenge of research and interaction with peers nationally and internationally.

Amanda Jackson

Amanda JacksonAmanda Jackson is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with expertise in management of adult food allergies, intolerances, gastrointestinal diseases and immune disorders. She has over 12 years’ experience and developed her initial interest in food allergy working in The Alfred Hospital's Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Department. Amanda now works for the Clinical Immunology and Allergy Department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and has a private practice at Melbourne Allergy Asthma and Immunology Consultants. She is a member of Dietitians Australia, Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) and the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) - including participation in the ASCIA Dietitians’ Committee.


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