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Cow’s milk protein allergy! - part 1

Cow’s milk protein allergy – part 1

Ingrid Roche – Accredited Pracitising Dietitian

Rapid onset (IgE mediated) cow’s milk allergy, how to manage it and get enough nutrition 

Cow’s milk allergy is one of the more difficult to manage food allergies in children. There are many different types of allergic conditions caused by cow’s milk protein, as such, the cow’s milk protein allergy has two webinars.

The first part of this two-part presentation is on managing cow’s milk allergy. This is for parents of children who have an ASCIA Action Plan for Allergic Reactions or an ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis. Learn how to manage this allergy day to day and how to make sure your child’s nutritional needs are met.

Webinar recorded: 10 November 2020

The questions posed after the webinar are presented below the full version. 

Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy part 1 - full webinar

My son is 6 he has a dairy allergy and refuses ANY milk substitutes, he is on a calcium supplement is that ok, as i heard its not good for people? eg kidney stones

Once a child reaches 12 months would it be better to continue breastfeeding or go to soy milk as a milk substitute (in regards to nutrition)?

In what circumstances would you trial cow’s milk in a child who has previously been anaphylactic? Can you outgrow anaphylaxis? How can you tell?

With regular children, without cow’s milk allergy, I know the nutritional recommendation is to swap to a light milk at around three years of age, is it the same for children with cow’s milk allergies? Should we swap to a light version of a soy milk around that age? Or should they still be having the full fat version of the soy milk so that they are getting that extra fat into their diets?

I've read in the past that soy has hormones that are not ideal for young females. Is that accurate or is Soy a safe alternative?

There was an issue a couple of years ago with contamination of cow’s milk in coconut milk products. What are your tips about being careful around coconut milk products and dairy contamination?

Any guidance on when to stop giving an allergy friendly formula and start on a cow’s milk replacement like soy milk? 2 years of age? 3? Thinking it is a good way to continue to get extra nutrients

Can you have both cow’s milk protein iGe mediated and non-mediated allergy or do you usually only have one?

How do we manage ‘may contain milk’ statements?

About Ingrid Roche…

Ingrid Roche

Ingrid Roche is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 20 years’ experience; specialising for the past 10 years in the nutritional management of food allergy in infants and children.  She works at the Perth Children’s Hospital and has a private practice in Perth, Western Australia. Ingrid is passionate about supporting families living with food allergy, and training other dietitians in the area of food allergy management. Ingrid is a member of Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia, ASCIA and Dietitians Australia.