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fisht allergen cardFish allergy (finned fish) affects about 0.5 percent of the population. Seafood allergy tends to be life-long and is more common in adults than children. People who have a seafood allergy are usually only allergic to one group of seafood but can tolerate seafood of another variety.

Those who are allergic to prawns can usually tolerate finned fish but care must be taken because of the real risk of cross contamination in storage, preparation and cooking of the seafood. Occasionally people have breathing difficulties from smelling fish, especially fish being cooked. Most people who have a fish or shellfish allergy are advised to not have that food cooked in their home because of the risk of the smell triggering a serious allergic reaction.

A A downloadable allergen card (pdfFish - Allergen card764.4 KB) for those with fish allergy has been developed to help make shopping a little easier.

Quick tips 

  • Fish sauce can sometimes be used as a substitute for soy sauce.

  • Worcestershire sauce may contain anchovies.


Fact sheets on seafood allergy are available from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and ASCIA website.

Content updated January 2017


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