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Food allergies when transitioning to school

Transitioning to school is an important milestone in the life of any parent and their children. As many of you may already know, it is an even bigger deal for parents of children who have a food allergy.

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia and Western Sydney University have co-produced a new video to help parents of children with food allergies confidently make the transition from preschool and childcare to primary school.

This video is a fantastic resource for educating teachers and parents, with tips on how to engage the school in discussions about your child’s food allergies as well as what will be required of you in the lead up to the start of school.

We encourage you to share this video with any parents of children with food allergies that you may know.

Check out the Transitioning to School with Food Allergy Video

Content updated November 2016


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Being diagnosed with a potentially severe allergy is scary. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – help and support is available.

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