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Travelling with Allergies

Travelling with food allergies can be challenging to anticipate the many and varied situations you may encounter while away. Take time to plan your trip. It is better to have good memories of your trip than regrets about not having planned ahead.

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A quote from a QLD member who travelled to Europe with a family of three with different food allergies

“Yes it can be done, we travelled overseas. And yes…what a fabulous time we had! First and foremost…this was not a last minute trip. We had months to prepare, gather translations (we went to non-English speaking countries!), sourced local food items that were ‘safe’, located hospitals and emergency contact numbers in each town, and generally planned this trip down to the last bowl of gluten and nut free cereal! All Action Plans and medications were updated and supporting letters from GP’s were obtained. Would we do it again? Absolutely and without hesitation.”

Before booking and paying with any airline, be aware that some airlines require those with peanut allergy to sign an indemnity form or you will not be allowed to fly with them.

Carry your medication with you at all times. Obtain a letter from your doctor outlining your allergies.

Your doctor will need to fill in and sign a Travel Plan for People at risk of Anaphylaxis

Find out about food labelling in the country you wish to visit.

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A&AA travel information help sheet AAA Help Sheet Cruising A&AA top tips food allergies for airline passengers help sheet A&AA  travel insurance checklist



Visit the Australian Government's travel security website, which provides information on the security measures in place at Australian airports.

Content updated January 2017 


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