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wheat allergen cardWheat allergy is an immune system response to the proteins in wheat. Allergies to other cereals are triggered by proteins within those cereals.  True wheat allergy often resolves in the first few years of childhood.  An allergy to wheat and other cereals is sometimes seen for the first time in adulthood. Often the adults who develop an allergy to wheat and other cereals have an allergy to grass pollens and have hay fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

Individuals (almost always adults) who have exercise induced anaphylaxis often have wheat dependent exercise induced anaphylaxis. This means if they eat even a small amount of wheat and then exercise, they can develop a potentially life threatening allergic reaction.

A downloadable allergen card (pdfWheat - Allergen card751.44 KB) for those with wheat allergy has been developed to help make shopping a little easier.

There is confusion in the community regarding wheat allergy, coeliac disease and wheat intolerance. Information on food intolerance can be found on the ASCIA website.

Individuals with Coeliac Disease have an autoimmune response to gluten which causes small bowel inflammation and damage. For more information visit the Coeliac Society website

More information on wheat and cereal allergy can be found on the ASCIA website.

Content updated January 2017


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