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By the time they reach high school, your teenager with severe allergies needs to be much more independent and confident in managing their allergies and risk of anaphylaxis.  With multiple teachers, classrooms, activities and unfamiliar settings, it’s important that they have the confidence to communicate clearly, won’t be tempted by peer pressure into risky activities and will ask for help when they need it.

It’s also important to educate their new friends about the risks to your teenager and recruit their support in keeping your teenager safe.

Here are some tips to help with settling in at high school:

  • Print out and laminate a medical information card specifying your child’s name, which foods cause anaphylaxis, medication required, etc, for their wallet or bus pass holder.

  • Wearing a medical information bracelet or chain is useful, particularly as the child becomes more independent.

  • Ask your teen's year advisor/coordinator to alert other teachers and any casual teachers of your child’s allergy.  A note in each class roll may be useful.

  • A laminated copy of your teen's requirements, a copy of the Action Plan for Anaphylaxis should be kept in staffrooms, library and other designated areas.

  • Cooking or food technology staff need to be particularly vigilant and plan lessons and recipes that won’t put any student with food allergy at risk. These classes are also targets for information sharing and projects about food allergies and people with special dietary needs.

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Note: Anapen is no longer available in Australia


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Note: Anapen is no longer available in Australia

 Content updated December 2016


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